Classroom Activities

Here are some of the classroom activities I’ve tried out and posted about over the months/years. I have attempted to categorise them, so that you can look more easily for categories that are of interest to you. I will keep adding to it as I publish more posts. (More activities can also be found by looking on my Materials page .)


Lizzie's Classroom Activities!

Lizzie’s Classroom Activities!

Breaking the ice/warmers

breaking the ice wikicommons

image taken from – via google search licensed for commercial use with modification


Language practice activities



Skills development:


  • Speaking and storytelling: A sequence for focussing on structural elements of spoken narrative and their linguistic realisations, using student-generated content.
  • Itchy feet! : A dictogloss activity based on the topic of travel


Review activities 


image taken from via google image search licensed for commercial reuse with modification


  • Review of the week  : A student-generated quiz game for reviewing previously learnt language and content.


Self-Access/Learner Autonomy Development:

(Pushing back the limits of the classroom walls…)

  • Extensive reading (part 3) : This post looks at the outcomes of a reading for learner autonomy development project that I did with my learners. It also contains links to part 2 (the process I went through to set the project up) and part 1 (the reflection that led to the birth of the project)



(When the teacher is in the classroom as a learner…)

image taken from via Google search licensed for commercial reuse with modification

image taken from via Google search licensed for commercial reuse with modification

  • Edmodo workshop:a how-to for teachers : Information and slides related to a workshop I delivered for my colleagues, taking them through the process of using Edmodo as a teacher and as a learner.
  • Little thing, BIG difference? : A reflective challenge to get you thinking about what you’ve tried that has made a difference to your teaching.
  • Top 10 resources for teachers : Have you used all of these resources? Have you used any other resources that aren’t listed, that you think deserve to be? Let me (and others) know by commenting at the end of the post!
  • My top 10 ELT books: Have you read all of these ELT-related books? Reading any one of them would be a great way to develop, if you haven’t…


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