My first ever International House Journal column!

The International House Journal of Education and Development was founded in 1996, by Charles Lowe (director of IH London at the time) and Matthew Barnard. 17 years later (if my maths hasn’t deserted me, which it may well have…), in issue 35, Autumn 2013, I’ve found my way into it!

Click here to see the contents page and here to go straight to my column. (I have to say, I recommend the former though – there’s lots of interesting stuff to see! 🙂 )

My column is based on my 30 things…” blog post and in it I revisit my list and expand on the various items. This first one focuses on a combination of spoken grammar and storytelling.

I’m honoured to have been given the opportunity of writing a column for the journal and look forward to contributing to future editions.

Finally, apologies for the lack of posts recently – between full-time work and doing the IH teaching young learners course, I seem to have precious little time for much else! However, watch this space: there will be more posts, I promise…

Meanwhile, enjoy the journal! 🙂

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