My DELTA-related posts *aren’t* a load of rubbish after all… :-)

I got my Delta results on Friday and they turned out to be a triple distinction. I still can’t quite believe it, it seems rather flukey! Nevertheless, here I am now fully Delta-qualified. And, since I did well, I don’t have to surreptitiously and sheepishly remove all of my Delta-related posts from my blog, which is nice! I might even get round to writing up my Delta tips for Module 3 (the only module currently without any posts)…

For me, my triple distinction doesn’t suddenly mean I’m some kind of amazing teacher. But it does prove a few things in my mind:

  • one, that I can work damn hard. (None of it came easy, was just non-stop work work work during Delta semester. I had no life at all! If I can work hard enough to get through the Delta with good grades, I should definitely be able to work hard enough to give any future jobs the effort and commitment they deserve.)
  • two, that I know how to learn more. (What I have learnt is only the tip of the iceberg, I feel, but at least I have learnt about different ways of developing: e.g. reflective practice, using a range of resources – books, journals, magazines, internet-based stuff – to expand my knowledge, action research etc. This means now that I [will]have the pieces of papers saying I’m qualified, I can get down to the serious business of learning how to be a better teacher and how to help my learners as best I can.)
  • three, related to two, that having done the course and got the maximum learning I could out of it, I am now more aware of how little I know in the great scheme of things, as well as of how much there is out there to learn and experiment with. I look forward to that!
  • fourth, and last but certainly not least, that the  Delta course at Leeds Met really *is* brilliant, as are the Leeds Met tutors, from whom I’ve learnt so much. (I knew very little when I began the course, so it was a steep learning curve, but they got me through it by being tirelessly supportive and helpful, giving extensive feedback on all my work so that I could know how to improve it and meet the Cambridge requirements and providing lots of engaging, useful input sessions. Could not have done it without them! Which, fair enough, is the point of doing a course, but they really did go above and beyond. I’m really glad I found the leaflet for this course in my conference pack last year!)

So, all the hard work (both mine and my tutors’!) has paid off. But hard work also continues – my M.A. ELT dissertation is as yet incomplete and there are 1001 other things to juggle too, including maintaining this blog! (Hopefully now that I am back from holiday – which was an amazing seven day complete break from work,  my first since starting the Delta last September! – new posts will start appearing again! Maybe more regularly once the dissertation is in, mind!)

I hope everyone else whose results were determined in this June to August 2013 grading session is happy with what they achieved and are feeling as positive about their onward learning as I am! 🙂


12 thoughts on “My DELTA-related posts *aren’t* a load of rubbish after all… :-)

  1. You have managed the amazing feat of doing VERY well on the course AND producing a resource that many people will be grateful for.
    So add some extra credit to whatever nice things your instructors told you – you deserve it!
    Lots of success in the future!

  2. Congratulations! That’s no mean feat you’ve managed there.

    The ability to work like hell and push yourself is not, as the Spanish put it, turkey snot and is a rare commodity.

    As I’ve often pondered whilst watching football, plenty have talent; few seem to have the application necessary to add graft in order to make the most of what they have.

    You deserve a break of some kind.

    Or at least a drink.
    Or two.

    Mind you, it was only DOUBLE distinctions back in my day, of course . . . .

    • Hi Hugh, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Turkey snot – love it!
      Thank you re the congratulations. I think I get a break around mid-September (once dissertation is in. Sort of… (If you can call a break dashing around frantically trying to get ready to move countries in late September – well, I won’t be studying anymore, anyway…)
      A drink or two is more realistic and already scheduled for Thursday!
      I wonder if eventually it will become quadruple distinctions??

  3. Well done, that’s fantastic! I’m doing the final 2 weeks (the practical block) of the Trinity Diploma in Sept and although different to the DELTA your posts are still a great help with my prep so thanks!

  4. Congratulations – triple distinction sounds pretty damned good. Although, I have been reading your DELTA posts for a while and I doubt that anyone ever thought they were a load of rubbish!

    I posted my whole module three essay on my blog recently. I think others should do the same! I remember when I was writing mine (a long way from any tutors or support, with only the DELTA handbook to guide me) how useful it would have been to have had a handful of decent samples to look at.

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