In Print!!

I’ve been storing this up for a week because I have not had a moment spare to access my WordPress in between trying to keep up with work, preparation for my M.A., training for my 20 mile running race in September, sorting out accommodation in Leeds for my M.A… phew!

I have been published! In print!! Well, I have known about it for longer than a week but it was a week ago that I received the journal of the English Teachers Association of Switzerland (ETAS) with my book review inside. VERY exciting!

Now I just need to catch up with the #eltchat summaries I’ve promised to do…and edit the remaining IATEFL conference notes that I STILL haven’t yet published on here…

Juggle juggle juggle…

6 thoughts on “In Print!!

  1. Hi Lizzie!

    Thank you so much for writing the review for us – Ceres and I are both happy you like the Journal : ) We would love for you to write for us whenever you like to again, please feel free to do so!

    Good good luck with all your new ventures! All the best!

    Best wishes,

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