The journey of a thousand miles… (a thank-you to Cactus and to #ELTChat!)

…or how inter-related everything is!

Today I received an email from Cactus informing me that my conference scholarship report has finally been published on their website. On re-reading it, I was able to re-live the excitement of IATEFL 2012 and also reflect on what consequences my attendance has so far yielded…

– In my conference pack, there was a leaflet promoting an M.A. course with integrated DELTA. Yesterday I had an interview and was offered a place on this course. I would not have known about the course had I not attended the conference. I am very excited about embarking on this course and feel sure I will grow hugely as a teacher and, indeed, individual, as I negotiate my way through it.

– At the conference, I attended a pre-conference event, that of the Teacher Development SIG. I volunteered to write a report of it and this has been published in a recent TD SIG newsletter. Had I not attended the conference, this would of course not have been possible.

– I also bought Jim Scrivener’s latest book, “Classroom Management Techniques” during my week at IATEFL 2012. I subsequently reviewed this book for The English Teachers Association of Switzerland Journal, invited by Vicky of my PLN (@Vickyloras). Had I not attended the conference, I would not have known about this new book or acquired it so would not have been able to review it. A review of a new book is of greater interest than a review of a book that has been kicking around for years, so this was perhaps instrumental to my work being included in the journal.

– At the conference, I met Jim Scrivener in a post-conference talk and joined in the discussion on Demand High ELT. Subsequently, I proposed this topic for #EltChat and wrote the summary for it, which has been published on Jim and Adrian’s website. Becoming involved in Jim and Adrian’s project has been a source of great excitement for me.

So, all of these exciting things became possible due to my being able to attend IATEFL’s annual conference this year. My attendance was enabled by winning the scholarship from Cactus, for which I am immensely grateful. And finally, I would not have known about these scholarships were it not for #eltchat!! An exciting journey was begun when I signed up for twitter and happened on the #eltchat tag. So many opportunities have been opened up to me as a result and I have met many people who now form part of my PLN, from whom I learn on a regular basis.

Thank you #Eltchat and Cactus for the immeasurable impact they have had on my career to date.

I wonder where the next thousand steps will take me…

12 thoughts on “The journey of a thousand miles… (a thank-you to Cactus and to #ELTChat!)

  1. Well done, dear Lizzie!!!!

    Hope your course is as exciting as some of the things you have already achieved!

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions that #ELTchat can make things happen!



    • Thank YOU, Marisa, for setting #ELTchat in motion! #ELTchat DEFINITELY makes things happen, there is no doubt whatever in my mind about that at this point. If I’d been told all this would happen as a result of joining #ELTchat, I would not have believed it! But here is the proof! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Lizzie!

    I love your post and congratulations on the scholarship! Many many thanks for the mention – thank y o u for writing the review! You are very welcome to write for us whenever you like : )

    And may I also say here, #ELTChat rocks!!!!

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Vicky,

      Great to see you visiting my blog, as ever! Glad I could write for the journal, I’m very happy to have done so and have further opportunities to do so again!

      ELTChat definitely rocks! πŸ™‚

      Best to you too,

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    • Thank you, James! I’ll be doing the MA at Leeds Met.

      Have just had a read of your blog post and much enjoyed! Exciting to think about what other things we may get to say yes to in future! πŸ™‚

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