Happy Birthday, Blog…??

So, today this popped up in my comment notifications:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 19.21.21

Whoop whoop! Except…erm…

Seems like last year they sent me this message on the 1st May?! So, really, who knows. I published my first ever blog post on the 8th May 2011, so maybe I should make that my blog’s birthday? Either which way, I can’t believe how old my blog is getting. It’s seen a whole five IATEFL’s, for goodness sake! (Seems strange to think that I have too, come to it. It feels like no time since I won a scholarship to my first one in 2012. And yet…lifetimes too!)

Another year gone (più o meno anyway!) and like all its predecessors, it’s been fairly jam-packed! Being a teacher may be many things – dull is certainly not one of them.

Anyway, Happy (un?)Birthday, Blog! Here’s to another exciting year! 🙂


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