IATEFL 2013 interview about Learning Technologies

Earlier this year, I was privileged enough to attend the IATEFL conference in Liverpool, enjoying a dizzying array of brilliant talks and catching up with people from all over the world.

Fortunately, by the time of this conference, I’d done just over half a semester of my M.A. in ELT at Leeds Met, and, thanks to the Multimedia and Independent Learning module, I was able to find something to say when I became one of a number of people that Nik Peachey interviewed on the theme of Learning Technologies.

I was very kindly given permission to upload the clip of me being interviewed onto my blog and now I am finally getting round to doing this. (The clip arrived in my inbox shortly prior to my dissertation deadline – ’nuff said!)

The two questions that Nik asked me are:

  • Some people say that technology can replace language teachers. What do you think?


  • Do you think technology use in the classroom is driven by technology rather than by pedagogy?

(If I appear a bit confused about where to put my eyes, it was a case of the camera not being behind Nik and me finding it very difficult to look at the camera rather than Nik, unaccustomed as I am to being interviewed! Oops… 😉 )

Don’t worry, the clip is only 2.21 minutes long! 🙂

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